The Hazlitt Coalition advances human progress through effective public policy in state legislatures.


The Hazlitt Coalition serves as a national clearinghouse for the most impactful legislation, collecting small bills that simply clarify previous legislation to bills that enact sweeping reforms that drastically improve government efficiency.

It takes more than good policies to be a top notch legislator. You must also know how to persuade, work with others, and dedicate yourself to your work. The Hazlitt Coalition teaches state legislators how to effectively represent their constituents as best as possible.

Hazlitt Coalition members are the next leaders to take to the national stage. Many of our members boast impressive success on the state level and we anticipate they will take that same level of dedication with them to higher office.


The Hazlitt Coalition is a growing network of state legislators and full-time staff advocating for principled policies that free markets, protect civil liberties, and promote peace. Our experienced mentors train legislators to effectively work with stakeholders, leadership, and constituents to craft the strongest policies that solve societies most pressing problems. 

Members boast victories on issues ranging from strengthening privacy and fourth amendment protections to defeating inefficient tax hikes and poor fiscal policy. We seek to implement policies that foster robust, dynamic, and competitive markets that drive innovation and progress. Empowering the individual, and solving real issues are our goals. 


our mission & vision


The Hazlitt Coalition’s mission is to provide the nation’s lawmakers with modern legislation, facts, and strategies to achieve a free society through public policy.

The Hazlitt Coalition began as a round table discussion of a few principled legislators meeting to share the strategies and tactics they use to advance pro-liberty legislation in their home states. Soon the project was adopted by Young Americans for Liberty as an official subsidiary with YAL investing significant resources to take the organization to the next level.




The Hazlitt Coalition trains principled state representatives to legislation, navigate state politics, ensure they fulfill their campaign promises, are re-elected, and continue to increase in influence in their states political community. 

This training makes the difference.

Hazlitt Coalition provides a network and platform for legislators to strategize and make concrete plans of action to revolutionize their states political and policy communities. 

Legislators use our training and network to fulfill the vision of a free society right in their backyard. 

Hazlitt Coalition connects legislators to the top minds in policy giving them direct access to the strongest ideas that they can implement in their states. This allows for many experiments in policy allowing the best ideas to rise to the top and benefit everyone in the country. 



What is the Hazlitt Coalition?

The Hazlitt Coalition is a growing network of state legislators and full-time staff organized to provide the nation’s lawmakers with modern legislation, facts, and strategies to achieve a free society through public policy.

What makes the Hazlitt Coalition unique?

The Hazlitt Coalition is a subsidiary of Young Americans for Liberty. YAL hires teams of full-time staff to canvass for state representative candidates. This provides a direct pipeline of new legislators that directly join the Hazlitt Coalition upon election. The Hazlitt Coalition then invests in the development and advancement of these legislators while considering the long-term progress of the liberty movement. By electing state legislators YAL creates a bench of candidates for federal office. The Hazlitt Coalition develops them into superstar legislators that lead the way in reducing the size of government in their state.

How does the Hazlitt Coalition impact public policy?

The Hazlitt Coalition provides ideologically aligned legislators with proven and practical tactics to advance legislation. This includes detailed knowledge of the legislative process in their states, how to work with committees and leadership, collaboration with the governors office, and how to earn the support of the state’s general political community to increase the likelihood of passage.

What resources does the Hazlitt Coalition provide legislators?

The Hazlitt Coalition is a network of seasoned and proven legislators and staff who provide model legislation, persuasive messaging, legislative support, strategic consulting, and top notch training to state legislators.

How can I recommend a state legislator to the Hazlitt Coalition for membership?

If you feel you are strong fit for the Hazlitt Coalition or know someone who is please contact our Director Ted Patterson at