Hazlitt Policy summit - November 15-17, 2019

Including top thought leaders, policy experts, and state legislators from around the country, our Hazlitt Policy Summit is designed to provide lawmakers with the ideas, network of support, strategy, and resources to solve critical issues in their state and get effective legislation passed.  

At the Hazlitt Policy Summit legislators:

  • Hear from the sponsors of model legislation on issues such as privacy, criminal justice reform, and free markets.

  • Learn strategies that other legislators are using to effectively move the needle in their state legislatures.

  • Gain national allies and grow their network of like-minded legislators.

  • Learn strategies on how to navigate through the legislature, get legislative wins, and gain constituent support.

  • Learn what organizations and resources are available to help legislators maintain and grow in influence in the legislature.

Our next Hazlitt Policy Summit will be Friday, November 15 - Sunday, November 17 in Austin, Texas. This is an invitation only event but if you are an elected official or considering running for state office and would like to to attend please contact our Director of Policy, Ted Patterson at ted.patterson@yaliberty.org.